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For our women’s and men’s collections for Spring Summer 2018, we celebrate two muses - one who represents the modern view of the house, and one from its past.Two people who revolutionized the global zeitgeist in very different ways.Bulgarians in the UAE are a part of our community, calling cities such as Dubai, Sharyah, Abu Dhabi, and many others home.You can use Inter Nations to look for fellow Bulgarians in Abu Dhabi, for example.Want to connect with the expat community of Bulgarians in the United Arab Emirates?

Starting off as one third of pioneering electro group, ‘yellow magic orchestra’ and then a solo composer, activist and dancer, over the course of his career he has epitomized progress and reform, enlightenment and enrichment.

Upon looking through the many images in the house’s archives of her and Kenzo, we were inspired by her transformative character.

For both collections, we aim to capture the duality of the two figures.

Between these two people, there are as many parallels as there are divergences.

What remains unique is their individual capability to inspire, provoke and influence.

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