Can registered sex offenders be on dating sites

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It would be different if you said he was on it because he was 18 and has sex with a 16 year old and they started dating when he was a minor or something. and realize that while it might not affect your professional career, it can affect things like where you can live and who can be around children for other reasons.

De Chant says if the individual doesn't register an email address the Sheriff's Department has no way of verifying whether that information exists.

Apparently, that’s what the woman at the root of these changes thought when she became a rape victim while on a date that began as a meetup.

The victim, known only as Jane Doe from Los Angeles, was on the date when she was raped.

De Chant was quick to point out that the Sex Crimes Unit has been notified by internet dating sites on a few occasions when a registered sex offender tried to set up an online profile, and she said the Sheriff's Department has taken appropriate action in those cases.

Crimesider reached out to a couple of dating and social networking sites and, given the varying extent of safety protocols, we would have to say that the faith De Chant seems to put in these sites is misplaced.

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