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* Asian, Hispanic and Caucasian women prefer Caucasian men while Caucasian men are more likely to respond to everyone but Caucasian women.

* Caucasian women are twice as likely to respond to Caucasian men than African-American men.

Family is the most important thing to us — sometimes even more important to us than you. ) So, as the Spice Girls say: If you wanna be her lover, you gotta get with her friends ... But be warned that even if they don't care, their family might, so tread carefully.3. You're at her house for the first time for dinner and you're confused —about the mountain of food in front of you.

Nazli (Nehir Erdogan), daughter of the famous baklava seller (Erdal Özyagcilar ) in Gaziantep, finished her education in Ankara and returned to her home town. See full summary » Failed magician Iskender decides to do a tour to save his career, but has to bring his grumpy and senile father along.

With US sales of 45.1 million albums and 42 million tracks as of June 2014, Eminem is the second best-selling male artist of the Nielsen Sound Scan era, the sixth best-selling artist in the United States and the best-selling hip-hop artist.

Last Sunday I attented to an event organised by lovely Saibh and Sinead who are the founders of the Into the West Blogger Network .

It was beauty brunch with Joanne Larby well known as The Make Up Fairy and it took place at the beautiful The Ardilaun Hotel in Galway.

Most Filipinas (female of "Filipino"), such as myself, tend to wait until our late teens or early 20s to start dating because we've been raised with the belief that family and our studies come first. A Filipino family is bound to own at least one (because different ones have different songs, duh). Guys who showed interest in dating me saw it a challenge when they found out I'm saving myself for marriage.

(It helped that I attended an All Girls Catholic High School so there was very little temptation.) But when I finally started dating my non-Filipino boyfriend, there were a few things he needed to know:1. One cultural value that Filipinos pride themselves on is "close family ties." Filipino families — and generally speaking, most Asian families — are very close. So if you get invited to a party and everyone is drunk and singing, I'm sorry, but you cannot escape the mic. They think they can slowly pressure me and break me down, but Filipinas are raised to believe sex is for someone you intend to spend the rest of your lives with.

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