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More than just a remake, this is a contemporary puzzle-platformer that charms, exasperates, and delights. A brilliantly told story, excellent voice acting, and an atmosphere so unnerving you'll sleep with the lights on for a month.If only it came with a bottle of instant amnesia so that you could play it for the first time more than once.

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The winner was decided by private voting ballot of all current and former Escapist Artists.

-Go play arcades (let her win obviously) -Prepare a gift bag and put it under the passenger seat with the following: (Favorite chocolate, lots of candy, a card, a cool cover for her phone instead of that one you hate, a gift card for a spa including a massage or anything you think she always wanted but never had the time to get). by The Adly Adly is a world traveller who's never travelled anywhere.

Knows a little something about everything, feels very strongly about not having strong feelings, will give you a free tour inside his brain, buckle up.

A Thief's End doesn't settle for telling the final story of Nathan Drake, it also tells the human story of Nathan Drake, serving as a fitting, elegant farewell.

"Immersive" is a word that is often used to describe well-executed games, yet never has it been more appropriate than for A Thief's End.

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