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Il reportage dal “limbo”, come lo chiama la giornalista, è uscito oggi sul grande quotidiano inglese The Guardian: Life in a refugee camp: ‘the cold and fear get in your bones’ Suzanne Moore witnesses the sheer will to survive of people living in a lawless and disease-ridden camp near Dunkirk Donate to the Guardian and Observer charity appeal 2015 “I was not born to live here like this,” says Ali. We are in a refugee camp at Grande–Synthe, a Dunkirk suburb, sitting under a tarpaulin while people wait to see a doctor. Political rhetoric has successfully dehumanised these people as someone else’s problem. Money has been spent on building higher, flesh-ripping fences. But the way these people are forced to live is also making them ill. A doctor chats to me between consultations: “They [the refugees] become weaker and weaker. The immune system falls.” He puts his hand to his chest: “I don’t know how to say it in English. More and more women are coming, some with “surprise pregnancies” as a result of the sex work their “protectors” are forcing them into. Lawless and disease-ridden these camps may be, but they are still full of people whose sheer will to survive is astonishing, who still dream of a life better than this.

Centinaia di persone, tra cui molti clienti, ma soprattutto le lavoratrici e i lavoratori del sesso che oltre a opporsi ad ogni forma di criminalizzazione, rivendicano il riconoscimento del loro statuto produttivo e, come immediata conseguenza, l'accesso ai diritti comuni e soprattutto l'accesso al welfare in tema di salute e lavoro.

Condiciones generales de uso | Informaciones legales | | Búsqueda | Citas Reales | Álbum de fotos | Clasificación y votos City Para poder tener contactos reales con mujeres calientes y cachondas. City tiene numerosas mujeres que desean tener relaciones esporadicas sólo por sexo, sin ataduras.

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