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One lazy (or clever, depending on your perspective) OKCupid dater, Schuyler Hunt, hooked a profile up to Cleverbot to automate his messaging and tracked his results on a Tumblr called “Girls Who Date Computers”. Some of Hunt’s conversations are indistinguishable from organic exchanges between two humans.

Yes, this year is again a year of rooster, and a fiery kind for that matter, especially gifted for accuracy, loyalty, and devoted work, and another contender for the ruler of the year has precisely these features – chatbot.

Chat with him like a normal person, he'll be weird sometimes..proper sentence, don't use "How are you" become "How r u? botid=8b43bfe3be344777*This is just a fanmade chatbot, I don't own any of this character.*Sorry for the slow progress on other chatbot User: Privet, comrade.

Cleverbot: If I become one with Prussia, you become one with Mother Russia?

CB: No, I am a real huma Me:i like to go to BUTTHOLEVILLE.

The rest of us have to solve the problem either through sheer force of willpower…or through Cleverbot.

Mitsuku can give you a rundown of the UK Top 40 chart singles. Mitsuku: A car is what humans use to drive around in.

Just ask her about the Top 40 and she will show you the current pop charts.

Mitsuku can play more advanced games like Hangman and Tic-Tac-Toe rather than just text based games.

There are currently two versions of Mitsuku, a free one and a more advanced subscription one.

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