Too young to use online dating

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We've all heard an online dating horror story from a friend whose tall, dark and handsome match turned out to be a short troll-like being in the flesh.But according to these figures, the average height of a male online dater is 5'10".23, however, did show, and she was surprisingly delightful.She was quiet, to be sure, but had some zip on her fastball once I coaxed her out of her shell.It’s too simple to say that, once, college students met each other in person.

As it happens, the only group which has taken to online dating at a rate like very young adults have been older adults.

This rules states that by dividing your own age by two and then adding seven you can find the age boundary: Take your age, subtract 7, and double it.

So for a 24-year old, the upper age limit would be 34 (i.e., 17 * 2).

She was a journalism student and from my hometown (as far as you know) of Boston, so my interest was piqued.

And, yes, alright, I’ll admit that she was quite attractive.

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